Amy didn’t realize what a big hole she had in her heart when she lost her female shepherd almost 2 years ago.  That is, until she met Maui, now named Maddy.  When Amy took Maddy for that first walk at the boarding facility, everyone noticed how different Maddy was behaving when they returned.  Maddy was calm and content.  It only took a day for Amy to realize how much she had missed having a beautiful loving shepherd in her home.  Maddy couldn’t have been a better fit for Amy and her family.  One of Amy’s cats has even decided that Maddy is her new best friend.  However, the icing on the cake is that it is Amy’s birthday.  This is the all she wanted and the best gift she’s ever gotten.  So as you make dreams come true, and make families complete, don’t forget to wag on, marvelous Maddy, wag on.    Click here for more photos!

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