Our little pocket shepherd, Meeka, spreads sunshine and happiness wherever she goes.  She Ioves everyone and everything, and the love she gave to her foster mom was returned to her ten-fold.  When Margo was ready to adopt another female for her female lab and female beagle, Meeka wasn’t the dog she came to meet.  Once Meeka pranced into the lobby of the boarding facility, Margo saw how Meeka brought a smile to everyone she met.  Meeka immediately made friends with Margo’s dogs and she was done.  She didn’t need to see or meet any other dogs.  Meeka was the dog for her.  Margo’s decision was made.  They would be one big, happy family.  After you make the rounds and kiss everybody goodbye, Miss Meeka, it’s time to wag on, mini Meeka.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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