Meet Miss Mila! This 1 1/2 -2 year old beauty can be rather selective about the dog company she shares. She wants to be the only female in the house, and is quite picky with the males as well. She is a very well behaved, gentle dog who isn’t a jumper. She prefers plush toys to rubber or plastic. She loves to lay in the grass, and be close to wherever her people are. She is fine with well behaved kids, and has shown us that walkers and wheelchairs don’t scare her at all. If your house could use this wonderful girl, who, by the way, can run and play just like any typical young shepherd, please get busy filling out our online adoption application. It gets the process started to adopt any of our great dogs. Besides, there’s only one Mila, and she’s one in a mila-ion for sure!

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