Some dogs are very quick learners.  Milo is one of those dogs.  When Milo figured out that the object of this rescue game was to find himself a forever home, he didn’t waste any time.  Milo spent only 10 days as a VSR resident.  And when he came out from the back of the boarding facility, Milo knew he had to work it to secure a spot in Gerald and Brian’s hearts and home.  It took all of 10 seconds of Milo climbing into Brian’s lap for Brian and Gerald to seal the deal.  That was it.  They were done.  “This is our dog.”  That quick, that short, and to the point.  Milo doesn’t believe in messing around.  He knew what he wanted and he went after it.  It didn’t take long for our newbie to catch on.  Milo knew what he had to do next.  Wag on, smart Milo.  Wag on.

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