Meet 1 1/2-2 year old Mini. Picked up as a stray, this happy-go-lucky 96 pound girl just couldn’t get out of the shelter fast enough. And when you weigh that much and are that determined, there wasn’t much going to stop her from getting out those shelter doors. We don’t know too much about her yet but we do know she doesn’t know any strangers. She loves everyone she’s met so far. Mini absolutely adores babies and young kids! This gigantic girl is so gentle, it will blow you away. What we did notice is that Mini tried to claim the kids and would put herself in between the resident dog and the babies almost immediately after meeting them. So if your home is missing the huge heart of a big dog with a little dog name, then Mini is your girl! Get busy filling out that adoption application, because once the word gets out about Mini, the number of apps we receive for her will be many!

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