Beautiful young Mist was dumped in a local dog park along with another shepherd.Thought to be only about a year and a half old, Mist is very loving once she is comfortable with you. She, like many shepherds, is aloof with strangers and seems to need extra time when being introduced to new people. She doesn’t do well with too many new people or things at one time. She is slowly realizing that she loves being the center of humans attention with the people she trusts. And although Mist loves to play with plush toys, she also loves snuggling on the couch. Mist has a high prey drive and will need to go into a home with no small critters. We are slowly introducing her to other nice, calm dogs and she is doing well with that. If you have experience with dogs like Mist, and can give her the guidance, structure and patience that she needs, please go to our website and fill out our online adoption application. Changing the world for this natural beauty will be an accomplishment that can’t be missed.

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