UPDATE: In the few weeks that MJ has been with VSR, we have learned that MJ bonds quickly and loves hard. In typical classic shepherd style, MJ takes his job of protecting his family very seriously. MJ will need a family with experience handling dogs like him. So far he doesn’t seem to be a fan of other dogs, but we are still learning about his canine preferences.

Meet VSR’s newest heart throb, MJ. Extra large sized, 3 year old MJ was picked up as a stray, guess when? If you guessed July 4th you would be correct. Poor MJ searches every car looking for his family. He’s a sweet, friendly guy when he isn’t whining for his family. Today he was able to play happily with a ball, and even gave some big wet kisses to a couple of his new friends at the vet clinic. He was previously neutered and he was obviously well fed, so why didn’t his family come looking for him??? We are still getting to know this gentle giant, and when we know more about him, we will update his bio.

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