Look who is out of the shelter and safe with VSR! Yep, it’s terrified Moose! Listed as an 8 year old, we were able to obtain some of his vet records and found out that this long, lean boy is just turning 5 this month! With the help of the Miracle GSD Network, we were able to pull Moose, who we will be calling Goose, because the start of a new life is a good reason to start out with a new name. We are going to let Moose/Goose decompress for a few days and let him realize he is safe with us. Once he’s a little more comfortable, w will get to know him better and will then post a more detailed bio for this guy who deserves to live out the rest of his years in a loving home where nobody will give up on him. So stay tuned, and don’t touch that dial.

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