Meet three-year-old Murphy. This sweet boy was returned to Leid after being adopted. He is so sweet and calm and gentle. I totally fell in love with him on the ride from Lied to the vets office. Murphy gets along with other dogs his size, and when he came face to face with a cat, he just wagged his tail. Murphy is a very sensitive boy, and will come and sit in front of you, put one paw on your shoulder, and rest the top of his head against your chest. It will melt your heart. It seems someone was heavy handed with this precious boy, and will flinch if you raise your arms around him. If you can open your home and your hearts to this practically perfect boy, and give him the love and patience he deserves, please go to our website and fill out our online adoption application. Because changing the world for this guy is a must. It’s Murphy’s law.

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