When Mya’s previous family threw her away like yesterday’s news, they didn’t even give a reason why.  Mya certainly didn’t know why either.  She was so depressed that the first few times we took her out of the kennel, she would search for her people and then whine until it grew into a full fledged howl.  Mya was very social and well behaved, so when Amy and her family met Mya, they couldn’t imagine not taking her home.  With a toddler and a very small Chihuahua, Mya showed everyone her gentle nature.  So even though the original dog they had applied to adopt had already found a forever home, they knew that Mya was going to fit right in.  There’s something you should know, Mya.  The last step to complete this adoption is for you to wag on, marvelous Mya, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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