When previous adopters Ron and Millie contacted us about possibly adding another dog to their family, and that they had their eyes on Mya, we couldn’t have been any happier. We love it when we have repeat adopters. We already know them, we have seen their home, and we already know that they would take great care of one of our orphans. Ron and Millie knew they wanted Mya, and once Mya met Ron and Millie, Mya KNEW she wanted Ron and Millie. So much so, that she hopped right into their car and wasn’t going to get out for anything! She didn’t care that we needed to take her adoption story picture. She really didn’t care that our former orphan, Sampson, was in the back seat and wanted to be in the family photo too. She just wanted Ron and Millie to get in the car and take her home. So instead of making Mya get out for a picture, we let her off the hook. You don’t have to get out of the car, but you do have to wag on, mouthy Mya, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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