Meet Myla. This 6 yo beauty is losing the only home she’s ever known. Myla was adopted by her dad when she was a puppy. She had a hard time coping since Dad married and started having a family. Now that another baby is on the way, Myla has become very protective, especially of her mom. Myla does not like other female dogs, but lives happily with a male Great Dane. Myla acts like a 2 yo! She has tons of energy and needs daily walks, hikes and can play ball all day long! Myla needs an experienced GSD home without small children, no female dogs and lots of energy. Couch potatoes need not apply. She knows basic commands and is not destructive. She will bark and alert to strangers but settles down once she knows the situation is okay. Myla has been well cared for and knows only love. She would benefit from additional training using positive reinforcement. And we can’t stress enough that this girl needs consistent, daily exercise. She is very smart and eager to learn new things.

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