We think that the introduction of this beautiful 2 year old girl deserves a drum roll…………..What’s so special about this particular dog, you might ask? Every dog is special. But this is Nickel. And Nickel just happens to be the 500th dog that VSR has played a part in saving. It’s just a few months shy of the 5 year anniversary of VSR saving our first shepherd. There are really no words to describe the rewarding feeling of saving even one dog, so trying to wrap our heads around this number is truly overwhelming. But the truth is, without such a caring and dedicated community to support us and our work, we never could have made it to this milestone. We also have to acknowledge everything Miracle GSD Network has done to support us along the way. They have been instrumental in VSR being able to save some of the major medical dogs that needed help. So welcome to the VSR family, precious Nickel. You are special, just because you are you. Once we get to know more about Nickel, we will post her bio.

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