UPDATE! Opie has once again found himself back at VSR. Our little shepherd/beagle mix boy has some very specific requests for his forever family. Opie would do best as the only pet in the home, as we have found very few dogs that Opie will tolerate. But there have been a few. He is happy to share with kids that are at least 10 years or older. Because Opie has some anxiety issues, a home where somebody is home most of the day would be ideal. Opie does not like to be bothered when he is sleeping, as sometimes it startles him. Opie has lots of love to give, and is a great snuggler. He also loves to play with toys. Opie has a very high prey drive, and will go to great lengths to try and catch his prey, so a secure yard is also a must. If you have a home that can meet Opie’s needs, please fill out our online adoption application. Opie is ready to find his perfect family.

UPDATE 10/21/18. Unfortunately, Through no fault of his own, Opie has been returned to VSR. Our little man came back looking wonderful! His coat is clean, soft and very shiny! He’s developed a very lean and muscular physique! He can be very particular with other dogs. Opie was a huge hit at our big event recently. If you are interested in meeting Opie and possibly making him a permanent member of your family, please fill out our online adoption application!
Meet VSR ‘s latest faux shepherd, or fepherd, Opie. This little 3 year old shepherd mix peanut came into the local shelter with wounds covering both his back legs. Was he hit by a car? Attacked by another dog? We may never know. But what we do know is that this little 40 lb bundle of joy is a sweet, happy dog no matter what. He’s still recovering from his neuter surgery and his wounds are healing nicely. Once he’s ready, we will get to know more about him and post an update.

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