Meet 1 year old Pandora. This terrified beauty was dropped off at Lied by her previous owners. And after reading the q&a that they filled out when they left her there, we are quite honestly surprised that they bothered to take her. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But after reading her report, we wish we could un-know what we know about her past. Pandora lived every second of her life outside. She was never given any toys, she never got to experience being in the house with a family who loved and cherished her. In our eyes her neglect was a form of animal cruelty. She had never been on a leash. The family couldn’t list one quality about this dog that they loved. They couldn’t list any of her fears or bad habits. But her life is only going to get better from here on out. We know that underneath her fear and anxiety, there is a sweet, playful dog who wants nothing more than to be free of the constant fear of the unknown. You can see from the pictures that the car ride was terrifying. She curled up on the floor of the car. By the time we got to the vet, she had worked her way up to the seat. We are going to let Pandora settle in and get used to being loved on and treasured. Then we will teach her how to just be a dog. We will post updates and her bio very soon. So please stay tuned and don’t touch that dial. Because Pandora needs a hero, and someone to change her world. Forever.

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