Even though the saying is,  “a penny for your thoughts”, Allan decided that this Penny was worth more than just thinking about.  This Penny was worth taking the plunge and committing to giving our young, happy girl a lifetime of love, happiness, and a companion named Harry who can charm the spots off a leopard.  Daily walks to the park are just one of the many adventures that Penny will get to experience in her new life with Allan.  Penny was already following Harry all around the yard, and going through the doggy door after being there only a few minutes.  So this is it.  Penny has made herself at home.  She knows that she hit the Penny jackpot when Allan decided to gamble on her.  So play your cards right, Miss Penny.  We are betting that you will wag on, shiny Penny.  Wag on. Click here for more photos!

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