When we first met Prim, we weren’t sure she would be able to go to a home with other dogs.  Her level of excitement was just a little too high.   She didn’t seem to care or other female dogs either.  When VSR’s big adoption event was held, Prim wasn’t chosen to go and show off all her great qualities.  But that didn’t stop our prim and proper girl from finding her forever home that day.  She knew just how to act around her new little 4 legged brother, Pilot.  The kids love Prim, and mom is happy to have the presence of a big dog in the home when she is home alone with the kids.  So you couldn’t have worked it any better than you did, Miss Prim.  You have found yourself the perfect forever family.  So grab the Pilot, because he can take you to wag on, personable Prim.  Wag on.

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