This is Quattro. Quattro is very special to VSR for many reasons. One of those reasons is that Quattro is the 400th dog to become a member of the VSR family.
Quattro came to us by way of a Good Samaritan who was able to wrangle him out from underneath a parked car in the hot desert sun, after running for over 2 blocks down a very busy street. After having no luck in finding Quattro’s owners (you guessed it, no microchip) the good Sam reached out to VSR to help this terrified, malnourished boy. Quattro has been neutered, chipped and been given the necessary vaccines. Now he will get to decompress, relax and learn that he doesn’t need to be scared any more. Quattro will immediately go to the nearest corner and put himself in “timeout” facing the wall, and not respond to anything. We will give him the time and patience he needs to come out of this self imposed defensive shell. It breaks our hearts to know that he feels he has to shut down to survive. Once he’s ready to trust, we will get to know him, give him the love and tools he needs to become a confident and well adjusted dog, and then we will post his bio. Please stay tuned for updates on Quattro, VSR’s 400th dog.

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