This Waggin’ Tale is one of a kind. Walt and Sheila went from being “dogless” to being the proud parents of not 1, but 2 of VSR’s finest young shepherds. Spyder and Skye were settling in quite nicely, and Sheila felt they had more love to offer. The thought of our sweet senior girl, Queenie, spending time in a kennel environment was just more than Sheila’s heart could take. Sheila offered to foster Queenie, now known as Sephera, just days after adopting her second shepherd, Spyder, from us. We felt the family needed some time to adjust to having the new additions in their lives, but Sheila was persistent. Knowing how much better it would be for Sephera to be in a loving home, we decided a meet and greet would be worth doing. Fast forward a couple of months. Sheila contacted us to let us know they would be moving out of state. Poor Sephera! Would we have to put her back in boarding? Would she be able to handle that situation? Well Walt and Sheila were not about to find out. They failed the fostering game with sweet Sephera, and we couldn’t be happier. She is loved, adored, and has gained the much needed weight she was missing when she came to VSR. So as you enjoy your life in beautiful Colorado, don’t forget to wag on sugary sweet Sephera, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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