UPDATE 8/4/2017: Quincy has begun to settle in and has shown us the loving, sweet girl she is. She has been fine walking with our male shepherd orphans. She is very happy when she is around one in particular. Quincy needs a loving home that understands the shepherd breed and what they require to be happy and balanced in a family setting. She is absolutely a wonderful girl who deserves a home worthy of all the love she has to give. Meet beautiful 5 year old Quincy. Quincy was surrendered to the shelter by her family because that was easier than giving Quincy boundaries and finding a trainer to help with her food resource guarding. She also became protective of her owner, protecting her from strangers and even other family members. Quincy needs time to decompress and then we will begin to work with her on her issues. All issues that can be resolved with training and consistency.

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