This Waggin’ Tail is like a real estate deal.  The 3 most important facts about it are: location, location, location.  Sweet Rachel was turned in by her family and sat in adoptions at the local kill shelter for weeks.  With all the traffic the shelter gets and Rachel’s (now known as Rachelle) sunny personality, Rachelle should have quickly been adopted.  Suddenly, her time was up.  VSR agreed to take her wondering what we were going to do with her and where was she going to stay?  Before we could figure that out, Tammy and Bella showed up and it was love at first sight.  Rachelle was only an orphan for 16 hours!  Rachelle will now be part of the family and get to enjoy long, early morning walks, and lots of soft doggy beds to choose from.  This story ends happily ever after, but before it ends VSR tradition requires you to wag on, rapidly adopted Rachelle.  Wag on.

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