Well, this Waggin’ Tail Club story is one that is near and dear to the hearts of some of VSR’s most dedicated volunteers.  What’s so special about this Waggin’ Tail, you might ask?  The first reason is that it’s Ranger’s Waggin’ Tail.  Ranger quickly stole our hearts when, after being returned to Lied 3 times for the horrible crime of behaving like a puppy, Ranger showed us that his faith in humans had not waivered.  He quickly bonded with his favorite volunteers.  When Ranger was returned a fourth time it wasn’t because of anything he had done.  Would Ranger ever find his perfect home?  Would he continue to put his heart on the line, risking rejection once again, or was he done trusting people once and for all?  Then, one of our most well known volunteers finds himself in a position to rescue a dog in need.  Surrounded by people who love and care deeply for him, and for Ranger, Tyler Dale, of History Channel’s American Restorations, makes the commitment to give Ranger the loving home he so deserves.  Having grown up with a shepherd, Tyler is no stranger to the needs of such an intelligent dog.  With a support group of experienced shepherd owners and trainers, Tyler will have the resources to be able to work through any issues that may come up.  There’s no turning back this time, Mr. Ranger.  It’s time to unpack your bags.  You’re going to be here a while.  You and Tyler are in it for the long haul.  You know what you have to do.  It’s time for you to wag on, resilient Ranger.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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