Sweet, cautious Reba, you quietly slipped into the rescue not wanting to draw any attention to yourself. You thought if you were careful enough, you might become invisible, and all of the scary stuff would leave you alone. Well you didn’t become invisible, and the scary stuff continued to come around, but it usually brought good things when it did. Things like yummy food, kind words, and gentle caresses. Soon you started wanting the scary things to visit, and then one day, you summoned up all your courage and invited the scary stuff into a game of jump and run! All the scary stuff in your life was so happy that you had to come out of your shell. And just about that time, George andAlice decided it was time to bring a new dog home, one similar to the one they recently lost. They scoured the internet looking for just the right dog, and guess whose picture popped up on their screen? That’s right, it was you, Reba!  Now Reba is affectionately called Bailey. Bailey and George go out for coffee every morning before their 45 minute walk. Then they go home where Bailey settles down to nap with her new friend, the cat. Why can’t every adoption be this picture perfect and easy? You set the bar pretty high, Bailey. You deserve all of the happiness in the world, and we have no doubt that George and Alice will provide it for you. So wash out your coffee mug and put on your walking shoes, it’s time for you to wag on, blessed Bailey, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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