Reggie came to VSR as one of the happiest dogs ever.  A goofy, nutty, wiggly bundle of fun.  So it’s no surprise that his adoption story isn’t a Waggin’ Tale, but more of a waggin’ body.  When Roberta and her husband, Duane, put in their application to adopt a shepherd, they listed all young females as possible choices.  Once they met Reggie, though, all rational thoughts and previous decisions went out the window.  Nobody can resist the charms of this shepherd/clown mix or pass up the opportunity to share their life with a furry, 4- legged ball of perpetual, genuine joy.  Reggie is a natural mood elevator that needs no prescription, plus he has minimal side effects!  So as you brighten everything in your path, remember to put on your sunglasses and wag on, refreshing Reggie, wag on.    Click here for more photos!

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