At 13 months old, Rex was one of our youngest owner surrenders. Why he was a VSR orphan for over two months is a mystery. A young, beautiful, playful puppy surely would get snatched up quickly, or so we thought. Well, Debbie and her family were thrilled to find out that Rex was still available and rushed down to meet him. He was everything they wanted in a shepherd.  It wasn’t long before Debbie was signing the contract and making a mental list of all the things she needed to get for Rex so he would be all set when they took him home.  Debbie lives a very busy and active life, and with teenagers in the house, Rex won’t be having too many moments without things to do and places to go. In fact, Rex will now get to enjoy time in his own vacation home at Mt. Charleston. So waiting for Debbie to find Rex was definitely worth it.  He’ll be hiking and camping and traveling to his heart’s content. He’ll be living the life we wish every puppy could live. Put on your backpack and lace up those hiking booties, Rex.  You’ll want to have everything you need when you wag on, remarkable Rex, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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