As a volunteer for a rescue organization, the overwhelming emotion and respect you have for a potential adopter when they say, “our son has earned the privilege of caring for a dog” is hard to describe.  When Mike, Lissette and their son, Anthony, came to meet our Miracle Network dog, Rhett, who had recently been returned by no fault of his own, we silently hoped and prayed we could add this awesome family to our list of adopters. Well Rhett must have felt that way too, because we couldn’t have been more proud of this gorgeous, young dog while he was meeting his new forever family. It is common practice to ask potential adopters if they would like to meet one more dog, just to be sure.  Anthony made it crystal clear that would not be necessary. He had his dog.  And even as Rhett’s foster mom watched with tears streaming down her face the family load Rhett, now named Sven, into their SUV, she, like all of us, knew it was meant to be. So as you become the most recent VSR alum, Sven, you must do the deed. You must wag on, spectacular Sven, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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