When a dog becomes a member of VSR’s Waggin’ Tails Club, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling all over.  And when Roscoe became a member of this very elite club, the warm fuzzies exploded!  Because Roscoe’s road to get to his forever home with Leigh and Dave was a rocky one.  It started with his trip to a kill shelter in California.  Followed by a long, cramped, road trip to Vegas, where he spent 3 weeks in the hospital fighting pneumonia.  Then he was driven to another unfamiliar situation where stress took its toll on him.  So when Leigh came to meet Roscoe and the instant connection was clearly visible, warm fuzzies broke out and went wild.  Roscoe now has human 17 year old twins for part time brothers, a back yard to play in, and all the tennis balls he could ever want.  Dogs like Roscoe don’t come along every day.  But today is the day we got to say, “Wag on, rockin’ Roscoe.  Wag on.”  Click here for more photos!

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