It definitely wasn’t love at first sight when Roxy’s new family brought their Doberman, Delilah, to meet her.  But Roxy was the dog that Delilah tolerated better than any other dog she had met in the past.  It took a couple of meet & greets for Delilah to warm up to our Roxy, but what really sealed the deal was when Roxy visited Delilah’s home.  After some curious sniffing, Roxy accidentally fell into the family’s pool!  Of course, Randy was right there to pull her out.  Roxy shook off the water & suddenly, Delilah got a serious case of the zoomies!  After a lap or 2 around the yard, Roxy gave chase to the sprinting Doberman!  Suddenly, there were the best of friends.  When I asked Randy why he thought that Roxy falling in the pool was the trigger that made Delilah accept Roxy, he told me about the first day they brought Delilah home with her best friend & littermate.  Her sister’s name?  Roxy.  Can you guess what happened the first day that Roxy came to Randy’s home?  She fell in the pool.  It seems Delilah had been waiting for Roxy.  So this Waggin’ Tail story has a 2 waggin tails ending!  Wag on Roxy & Delilah, wag on.

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