Another foster family fails!  Sweet Sadie Mae has worked her magic on Adam and his brother, Taylor.  Taylor’s girlfriend, Cara, also fell for our girl who simply would not tolerate having male dogs trying to mount her.  Adam and Taylor actually adopted Sadie jointly, so they could sleep nights knowing that Sadie will always be with family.  Miss Sadie must have known things were changing too because she wasn’t acting quite herself.  She was jumpy and anxious while we filled out the paperwork.  Adam is one of those stable, good energy fosters, so even though he now has a dog of his own, we look forward to the day when he can open his home and heart to foster another one.  So get that “giddy-up” going in your step, and we know you know what to do.  You need to wag on, silly Sadie, wag on.  Click here for more photos.

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