With a picture like this, words really don’t seem necessary for this Waggin’ Tale, but having a little bit of back story makes for interesting reading.  George recently lost his very special 4-legged (and one floppy eared) family member, Atticus.  Atticus was an Anatolian shepherd mix, so naturally George was compelled to drive from Colorado to meet our very own Faith.  We cautioned George that we had other approved apps on Faith, and we could not hold her for him. He chose to make the trip anyway, stating that if she found her forever home before he got there, then that was what was meant to be. Well, George loaded up 5 year old husky mix, Eragon, and together they made the day-long trip to Vegas.  Faith was still available, so she got to meet George and Eragon. Faith, being the people-loving young girl she is, cozied right up to George.  She was exceptionally trusting of George and I while we introduced her to Eragon. It went very well, but I encouraged him to meet another dog he was interested in, Sammy, as well.  We always feel better if the potential adopter meets at least one other dog, just to be sure. If George had any doubts about Sammy, now Sampson, he didn’t waste any time convincing George and Eragon that he was supposed to join their family. It was instant chemistry and compatibility. Knowing that Faith had other approved adopters, and that Sammy was in desperate need of some really high calorie, nutrient dense meals, George followed his gut feeling and decided to take Sammy home to Colorado. So much for this Waggin’ Tale with no words…..You know that actions speak louder than words, Sampson.  So lets see you wag on, super silly Sampson, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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