Isn’t it bad enough that a 9 year old shepherd has to spend 10 minutes in the local kill shelter?  Imagine a senior shepherd spending 10 long days sitting in a cold cement kennel, waiting for the owner that never comes.  That’s exactly what Sarge was forced to do.  Stressful?  So stressful that in those 10 days, magnificent Sarge lost 21 pounds!  But did Sarge give up?  No, he didn’t.  He was happy and excited to get out of his kennel and greeted the VSR volunteer like he had known her for years.  Sarge is still a playful and silly dog who deserves a family that will cherish him and show him the love he deserves in his golden years.  Filling out our online adoption application and setting aside the adoption donation of $225 is what’s needed to make Sarge a member of your family.  So shine up those shoes, shower and shave, because that’s what it will take to change the world for this gorgeous guy.

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