UPDATE: Schafer definitely knows basic obedience and will chase a ball and bring it back for you to throw again and again. He’s starting to get playful with the volunteers and sometimes will get mouthy, but it’s so gentle it’s hard to describe. He likes to give you kisses all over your face, and just wants to know what you are doing all the time. He’s not too fond of the water but he’s not terrified of it either. So far he hasn’t been reactive towards dogs even if they are barking at him. We haven’t officially done any dog introductions with him, but we think he will be fine with other nice dogs.

Meet Schafer! Thought to be only about 2 years old, his muzzle makes us wonder what kind of life he’s endured in such a short time. Schafer was spotted running against traffic by a previous adopter. After 2 hours and the help of law enforcement, Schafer was rounded up and taken to the shelter. Like so many shepherds, Schafer wasn’t doing well there and ended up on the transfer list. He was already neutered, so we were able to pick him up right away. He’s slowly coming out of his shell, and we are giving him the time he needs to get comfortable with us. He was happy to get in the back of my car and spend some time at the rescue house, and would come to us for affection. He definitely wants it to be in his terms right now, and that’s ok. We will post more about him as we get to know him.

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