Meet VSR’s newest; Secret! This sweet baby was slated to die for being scared. The hard eyes, the low growl. Behaviors the shelter isn’t looking for for the dogs they will put into adoptions. She was picked up as a stray, so of course being transported to a scary place in a scary truck isn’t a great way to bring out the best in any dog. As soon as we got Secret out of the building, she untucked her tail, and decided she would give humans another chance. She was affectionate, and maybe a tiny bit clingy, but showed no reactions to any dogs or people we met on our way to and at the vet clinic. Secret has been fine with all the big dogs she’s met so far, both male and female. Right now she is more about being close to her person. She did chase a couple of pigeons the other day and is opening up and getting more curious of her surroundings as the days go by. If you can offer this precious girl the loving, secure home she so desperately wants and deserves, please fill out our online adoption application. Changing the world for this loving dog is something that shouldn’t be kept a secret at all!

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