We all know one of those adolescents who is in need of someone who cares about them and helps them become the best they can be.  Whether it be a dog or a human.  Our sweet, young Sera, now known as Sydney, was just one of those adolescents.  She was heading down the wrong path.  She was at that very impressionable age, and she needed to get out of the kennel environment before she turned into a real delinquent.  Enter Todd and his family.  They had just lost a 12 yr old 4 legged member of their family, and everyone was feeling the pain.  The timing worked out just right, and now Sydney has the family she needs to become a model canine citizen, and Ella & Kia, the dog, have a new playmate to share their lives with.  Now that the family is whole again, it’s time to wag on, sassy Sydney.  Wag on. Click here for more photos!

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