Shadow is 4 going on puppy. Shadow was surrendered to VSR when health issues made it impossible for Shadow’s mom to properly care for him and give him the life she feels he deserves, being such a wonderful shepherd who has given her so much joy for the time she has had him.
He loves to play with balls and stuffed toys (does not destroy them). He does like swimming pools.
Shadow has not been kenneled and free roams when his mom leaves the house and does not destroy anything. He is fine being kenneled also.
He has never pottied in the house. He has never been sick in the 2 years his mom has had him.
He knows basic commands and walks good on a leash, very easy to walk. He will also sit and shake hands forever, his way of begging for a treat.
Shad does get a little excited when he first sees someone he likes and tends to jump up so that could be an issue with really small children but it is more a training issue than anything and he’s not dumb.
Shadow is very good at SOUNDING like a protection dog when someone comes around but is loving once they are let into the home.
His mom said she has never seen him be aggressive towards a human or another animal.
Cats are unknown but Shadow’s mom told me one came in their yard and Shadow ran from it. My personal opinion is he could do cats given his temperament.
She also said he loves to go to her sons house and play with his Pitbull and 2 Min Pins. If you feel Shadow would be a perfect addition to your family, please go online and fill out our adoption application. This is the first step in our adoption process. Once you make Shadow all yours, you will be able to stroll down the street, humming, or singing if you have the voice, “Just Me and My Shadow.”

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