When Elizabeth came to meet VSR orphans, she had a list of requirements that she was looking for in the dog she would take home. She thought a dog park dog was what she wanted, but after discussing her lifestyle, job and interests, we determined that even though Shanie, now named Shay, definitely doesn’t fall into the category of dog park dog, she was still the best fit. Shay has quickly settled into living and loving life with Liz.  This Waggin’ Tale is a perfect example of why it’s so important to know what your priorities are and what you plan to do with your new shepherd. Make sure to talk to the volunteer doing the meet and greet. They want nothing more than to make the right match for you and your family. Because the best fit is the dog who is told only one time to wag on, sugary sweet Shay, wag on. Click here for more photos!

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