Meet 2 year old Sherman. Sherman spent a month at the shelter while his owner tried to find a place to live with Sherman that he could afford. After a month without success, Sherman’s owner had no choice but to surrender Sherman. We are giving Sherman lots of time to get comfortable and decompress after having his world turned upside down in so many ways. What we know about him so far is that he knows some commands, like sit, down, and drop it. He loves to play ball and tug. He’s a VERY vocal dog, and can sometimes come off as intimidating. He doesn’t like being approached or touched from behind, and sometimes he tries to be a bully. Someone with experience with this type of behavior would be best for Sherman. We haven’t tested him with other dogs just yet as we are still building our relationship with Sherman. Although when 2 little dogs on the other side of the fence started barking at him, he just continued to get his toy and came right back to us when we called him. If you have the knowledge and experience Sherman needs to be the best he can be, and will give Sherman the security and stable home he so deserves, please fill out our online adoption application. It’s gets the adoption process started but doesn’t obligate you to adopt him or any dog. Because Sherman just wants to be home. And maybe have a job. That’s really not too much to ask. Is it?

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