Meet young Sonar. Our honorary shepherd was abandoned along with a shepherd and we couldn’t just walk away and leave Sonar to fend for himself, so he became VSR’s most recent faux-shepherd. After a couple of people commented on Sonar looking similar to a breed of dog called a Thai Ridgeback, we did some research, and sure enough, our Sonar fits the breed description to a T. These dogs are tough, active, and strong with an amazing ability to jump. They need a firm and consistent pack leader who understands the breed. They make great companions, and are generally very healthy dogs. They do well in our warm climate, but can’t tolerate the cold temperatures. Minimal grooming is required. He has been very responsive to firm and consistent training and corrections. And at only about 10 months old, he will need a pack leader to teach him right from wrong. Otherwise he will make his own choices. And like most dogs, it’s usually not the choice a human desires. Do you have what it takes to help Sonar be the amazing dog we know he can be? Are you interested in doing some sort of activity or work with your next family member? If so, Sonar is definitely the dog for you! Please fill out our online adoption application and set aside $325 for his adoption donation. Because bringing Sonar into your heart and home will change his world almost as much as it changes yours.  Click here for more photos!

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