Have you ever seen a sadder look on a young dog’s face? Precious, petite, year and a half old Spark, has been through 2 surgeries recently. After some sort of accident that degloved the end of her tail, Spark was taken to The Animal Foundation where they amputated about a quarter of her tail. But Spark just couldn’t leave the surgery site alone and was able to get around the dreaded cone and traumatize her newly shortened tail. Tail injuries are very hard on dogs, especially shepherds, so TAF felt the best thing to do was to remove the rest of this tiny girl’s damaged tail. Spark is a very sweet girl, who needs time for her incision to heal. We are guessing it’s pretty painful, as she is quite protective of her back end right now. We were told she is good with other dogs her size and larger, and since she only tips the scales at just under 40 lbs, lots of dogs are her size or larger. There is nothing cuter than a dog with a stumpy, spark plug looking tail, and Spark is absolutely adorable! But we need to do what we have to do to get rid of the sadness in Spark’s eyes and bring back the spark. A loving forever home is just what the doctor ordered. Can you spark the happy flame for our pint sized peanut? Please go to our website and fill out our online adoption application. It’s the first step in our adoption process.

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