This Waggin’ Tale is a two-fer.  You get two wagging tails in one!  Sheila and her family had been wanting to adopt a white shepherd, so when they heard that Ice was going to be at our adoption event, they high-tailed it over to meet him.  It didn’t take long for Ice to melt the family’s hearts.  So Ice, now known as Skye, was only an orphan for 4 days before going to his forever home.  But Sheila thought Skye would be happier with a buddy to pal around with, so she casually called to inquire about maybe adopting a second dog.  Spyder’s name was mentioned, and the meet and greet was set for the next day.  The rest, as the say, is history.  Skye and Spyder are now roomies, sharing their home with two horses, Sam and Storm.  So as all you “S” letter named animals hang out together, loving life, don’t forget to wag on silly Skye and stealthy Spyder, wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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