You have to wonder what has happened to beautiful, young Star in her life to make her so afraid.  Although being rounded up by Animal Control, put in a dark box that moved and probably bounced her around, and then ending up at the local kill shelter was probably enough to compound any fears she may have already had.  When she was sentenced to death for those fears, VSR felt we had to do something to help this petite thing.  We got her into boarding, and luckily one of the staff members noticed that Star wasn’t eating well and her urine was dark and thick.  A quick trip to the vet revealed a stick wedged on the roof of her mouth.  Surgery was required to remove it, along with 4 of her teeth.  Judging from the amount of damage, the stick had probably been there for months.  Now on the road to recovery, Star seeks comfort in the lap or between the legs of a familiar person.  She is non-reactive to both large and small dogs.  She just wants to feel safe.  So if you have a calm, patient, and understanding home to offer Star (and if you have a nice, balanced dog, that might be even better for Star) please fill out our online adoption application and set aside $325 for her adoption donation.  Because changing the world for this Star will make you feel over the moon.  And doesn’t she deserve a chance to shine?

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