This beautiful 5 year old girl was picked up as a stray recently. Terrified out of her mind, Sunni cowered at the back of the kennel, trembled and avoided the staff when they would enter her kennel. This behavior earned her a spot on the dreaded “list.” When we went to pick her up from the shelter, she was curious and took treats eagerly. She was happy to get into the rescue van, and rode perfectly all the way to the vet clinic. She quickly made friends with the vet staff, even the ones in the white coats. Sunni has a very high prey drive, and also likes to keep her pack together and will herd everyone to keep them close. Sunni can sometimes react negatively if she is startled while sleeping, so it’s best that she not go to a home with small kids or small animals. She’s a beautiful and loyal companion and will shower her family with unconditional love. So if you want to brighten up your dark and cloudy days, bring a little bit of Sunni into your life.

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