Meet Mr. Sunshine.  Sunshine couldn’t have gotten any luckier.  He was running stray in a neighborhood when a woman “rescued” him from the streets.  This woman is a rescuer herself, but shepherds are not the breed she typically rescues.  She knew that nobody would come looking for a beautiful, 3-4 year old male shepherd on her website, so she did what any responsible rescuer would do.  She took Sunshine and had him neutered and got his shots up to date and then called us.  Sunshine is still with his Good Samaritan, being fostered until his forever home is found.  She had this to say about Sunny:

Sunshine is a very well mannered boy.  He has never shown and signs of aggression toward other dogs, when he is eating or while in his crate.  He knows a few commands like “stay”, “wait”, “easy” and of course once he gets to know you he will shake.  He does get a little nervous in new places and pulls like crazy on his lead, but once he settles down he’s good.  He likes to be where you are and I think he prefers women over men but does not mind men.  He loves to sit in your lap to be petted and will play a little bit (playing more and more).  He knows our routine in the house and is a joy to live with!  He is not the best eater but is getting better everyday!  I think anybody that meets him will fall in love with him!

If you are looking for the Sunshine of your life, get yourself over to the website and fill out our online adoption application.  If you miss out, it will be like somebody raining on your parade.  Click here for more photos!

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