Meet Tanq. A Good Samaritan recently found Tanq running loose in traffic, and couldn’t turn her back on a shepherd in danger of being hit by a car. She took him to the vet and had him scanned for a chip. With no chip, and no collar or tags, finding his family wasn’t going to be an easy feat. Notices and fliers were posted, but to no avail. So VSR stepped up for this guy, had him neutered and microchipped, and we are now looking to find a forever home for this beautiful boy, thought to be only about 18 months old. Tanq will need to go to a feline free home. His interest in the kitties is way too much! Tanq recently had the chance to meet one of our other orphans, Ripley, and after a proper introduction, the 2 of them played happily together. If you think your home is missing a Tanq, well look no further. Just fill out our online adoption application, and set aside the $325 adoption fee, and soon .you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. After all, how many people have a Tanq in their home?

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