Robert is a guy who knows what he wants.  He wanted a dog.  He wanted a German Shepherd.  He wanted a young German Shepherd.  He liked the dark ones.  Robert had a list of dogs to meet.  We went through his list, and his first choice of dogs was the first dog eliminated from that list.  Robert had narrowed it down to 2 dogs.  There was one other dog we talked about, but didn’t seem like it would be the dog for him.  After much indecisiveness on the part of the VSR representative, Titan was brought out, just so Robert could say he had met ALL the possibilities.  Guess which dog went home with Robert?  Titan.  The oldest dog he looked at.  The lightest colored one he looked at.  A dog that wasn’t even on his list!   Robert didn’t act hastily.  He went outside to think about it.  Titan laid by the door until he returned.  When Robert came back in, he said, “It’s Titan,” and that was all she wrote.  Titan knew what was up and he couldn’t wait to get out the door and into the car with Robert.  The moral of the story is this: Sometimes you just need to listen to your gut feeling and your heart.  We couldn’t be happier or more surprised, but it’s you, Titan.  Time for you to wag on, terrific Titan.  Wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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