FINALLY!!! The announcement we have been waiting to make!!! Remember several months ago the news of a german shepherd who had been standing in spilled commercial oven cleaner, and received chemical burns to her back feet that had burned her to the bone? Her family was unable to pay for the extensive care she needed so she was surrendered to the vet clinic instead of being euthanized. The vet clinic had lots of people interested in adopting her once her medical treatment was complete, but no one stepped up to pay for the multiple surgeries, which included partial amputation of several toes. The clinic reached out to VSR for help. How could we say no? After losing the only home she ever knew, she then embraced the clinic staff as her new family. (And who can blame her? She spent over 3 months living at that clinic.) Once she was healed from all her surgeries, we were able to take her in. But without a foster or forever home available, she has once again been bounced to a new place that she has to learn is a safe place where people are kind and loving. At under 2 years old, this is a lot for a young dog to take in and process. We are working hard to let her know that she will be safe and loved for the rest of her life. This is the beginning of a new life for Thalia and to celebrate this, Thalia is now named Topaz, and Topaz will be available for adoption very soon. She has made huge strides in her willingness to trust new people! Filling out our online adoption application is the first step in adopting Topaz or any of VSR’s orphans. Are you the forever home Topaz deserves?

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