When Torque was picked up from a rural county animal shelter by one of VSR’s foster families, he was skinny and scared. Emaciated would be a more accurate description of this tall, dark boy’s appearance. Torque quickly settled in to living with a family and getting regular meals. He never caused any problems.  He minded his foster mom and he always respected the other dogs when they wanted some space. He wasn’t toy or food aggressive, and he loved his foster family very much. So when Carl saw Torque’s picture on our website he knew he needed to meet this long, lean 2 1/2 year old. Resident dog, Dutchess, on the other hand, was in no hurry to add to the family. Twelve years old and enjoying being the only pet, she tried to put up a fight, but Torque simply laid down on the floor and waited for this pint sized senior chihuahua to check him out. Carl handed Dutchess over to his wife, Jesse, and said he was ready.  He said, hand over the contract and take my money. Those weren’t his exact words, but the meaning was the same. So now Dutchess has her own boy toy and Torque is happy to oblige. So hop into the truck and settle in for the ride to your new, forever home. You are no exception to the rules of becoming a VSR alumni. You have to wag on, tall, thin Torque, wag on.    Click here for more photos!

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