Meet 5 month old Trix. Trix was adopted from the local shelter at just 14 weeks old. How she ended up there at such a young age is anybody’s guess. Her first owner didn’t realize the time and work a young dog like Trix needs to be a model canine citizen, and wasn’t in a position in his life to be able to change things around that would be in Trix’s best interest. So as much as it pained him to do it, he reached out to us, knowing we would find Trix the right home and would do what was truly best for Trix. Trix missed out on some training opportunities, and has a few habits that need worked on, but she is one smart girl, and is getting better at being a well behaved puppy every day. It will be mandatory that Trix’ new owners enroll in some type of training once she is settled into her new home. She is getting a second chance in life, a chance many dogs aren’t lucky enough to get. So we are going to make sure she has every opportunity to succeed. If you are ready and committed to giving Trix the time and attention she needs, please fill out our online adoption application to get the process started. Because when you change the world for this one dog, her world is changed forever.

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