“I just want to help a dog.”  Those are the words that Nick said when we talked about his meet and greet.  Nick didn’t care if it was male or female, young or old, black, white, or purple.  You just got to love it when somebody leaves it so wide open for you that you can really think about which dog is in need right now.  We had a dog that was having a hard time.  Confiscated and held at the kill shelter for 10 long days, young Vegas wasn’t ready to make new friends or trust people he didn’t know.  He had lost over 10lbs, and was looking pretty sickly when Nick, Maria, and Nick’s son, Devin, came to meet Vegas on that hot summer morning.  Having been filled in on Vegas’s recent experiences, Nick didn’t expect Vegas to come running and jump into his arms, licking his face all over.  Vegas didn’t disappoint.  Not only did he not come running, Vegas hit the ground and tried to slink away from Nick.  Luckily, Nick didn’t give up that easy.  After about 30 minutes of every non-threatening behavior Nick could think of, we decided it was sink or swim, all or nothing.  Nick took the leash and said, “Lets go, Vegas.  We are going for a walk.”  Soon they were running.  Then Vegas even began to play with Nick.  Adopting a dog was a commitment to be taken seriously.  When Nick told VSR that Vegas wouldn’t use the doggy door, we winced.  Yikes.  Even so, Vegas has not had one accident in the house.  He has not ruined ANYTHING that didn’t belong to him.  But he can destroy a ball in a matter of seconds!  You are home to stay, Vegas, baby!  Vegas is the perfect choice for this very compassionate family.  Nick could not think of one bad thing to say about Vegas.  How could he, as we watched Vegas follow Devin all over the house and yard?  There’s just one thing left to do.  Wag on, vibrant Vegas.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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