If you want to know how to get yourself adopted into a home with a small child, and an even smaller dog, just ask our youngster, Yogi, now known as Kreig.  Kreig did everything right.  When Lola, the Chinese Crested, curled her lip and growled at him for getting in her face, Kreig just turned and went away.  When 2 1/2 year old Lainey ran down the hall of the family’s home, Kreig just trotted after her instead of chasing her down like a cheetah goes after an antelope.  That is how you get yourself adopted into the home of Steve and Amanda.  You played your cards just right Mr. Kreig and now you have a full house.  In this game of life, a full house wins every time.  When all the players fold, it’s time for you to wag on, kooky Kreig.  Wag on. Click here for more photos!

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